I couldn't help but put all these images and memories together. I think I might need to blow this up and frame it!

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Forgot to tell you guys something BIG happened in our life! :) 

6/28/16 born @ 12:39 PM 
❤️7 pounds 11 ounces
❤️20 inches long 

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WHAT IS YOUR BIRTH PLAN?!?!? MINE: To have a baby.

MINE: To have a baby. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

I learned very quickly that there is a lot of shame that women can feel through this topic of this somewhat trendy word "birth plan".

✖️If you are going ALL NATURAL without any medication to have your baby then your a crazy person who must really want to enjoy pain and think your better than everyone else.

✖️If you choose to do any medication (like an epidural #gasp) you are this crazy monster who is pumping the human life inside of you with drugs.

✖️If you have a c-section. Well you might as well turn in your women card because that's just too bad for you. Maybe next time you can try again.

Either way shame one you. πŸ™„
The deal is that we can have preferences of how WE want birth (or anything) to go but doesn't mean it's going to go that way. Like not in the slightest.

✖️The mother who wanted to go all natural may not be prepared to handle the pain.

✖️The mother who wanted the epidural might not have gotten to the hospital in time.

✖️The mother who had a different plan than a c-section might have to make that decision based on her child's safety.

I know God is in control of that situation and well his plan is way better than mine. So yeah of course I have a preferences but I ain't holding too tightly to those because well ultimately I can't predict what will happen.

All I know is I vow to not shame any women for their choices in the way they choose to birth their baby because well I have felt it myself and ummm no thank you. What an awful feeling. I have never even done this and my confidence was shot down in an instant.

Obviously not everyone has shamed someone or whatever but this is just what I have seen happen to me and so many women I know based on their choices and/or not their choices on how birth has gone for them.

Who cares how you do or did it. You did it or you will do it and that makes you a hero in my eyes no matter how it happened. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

So you want to know my birth is to have a baby. That's all I need and you need to know and all I or you really need to share. πŸ˜˜

We are in this together so let's link arms as women in this cray world of comparison. Be kind, love and pray for one another so we don't fall into those comparison pitfalls. ✌🏻️🌎

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Lemon Oil Removes Skin Tags in 7 Days!!!


I didn't believe it either but thanks to pregnancy I gained some skin tags all of the sudden! The biggest one right next to my right eye. 

I started to do a little research on how I could remove them naturally with essential oils. I only found one source that said lemon oil so I decided to try it.

1. Wet or dip q tip under sink or in coconut oil.
2. Then put q-tip into the oil dropper and turn over to apply lemon oil to the q-tip.
3. Apply in circular motions over the skin tag for a few seconds.
4. Do twice a day. Once in the morning and one in the evening for next seven days or until skin tag falls off.

My skin tag quickly started to disappear until it finally turned black, dried up and fell off after 7 days. check out the picture progression!!!

NOTE OF CAUTION: Be very careful. It does sting and I would strongly encourage trying it on a small different part of your skin to test it out. Always dilute the oil! Also I am not a doctor - this is just my personal experience.✌🏻️

Crazy right!?!

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I have been doing a weekly Wednesday Belly & Baby update on my Facebook page! Go check them out HERE.

We are in the home STRETCH!!!!

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My new fave Shakeology recipe! πŸ“πŸŒ±
It reminds me of the beach and summer. πŸŒŠπŸŒ΄
Super simple superfoods!!
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M O N E Y! #yikes

It can be tacky to talk about it. That’s why I don’t much. 

BUT I am passionate about sharing what is possible through this opportunity because you HAVE To know! 

I have shared things like this before but recently updated to share with my new friends who may not know the possibilities of helping others and living out your purpose from home! #notperfectbutpurposeful

I have been where you have been. Sitting here, super skeptical about the possibilities if this is the real deal or not. I watched my coach for well over a year as she annoyed me with her positiveness πŸ˜and was building her life of freedom. Till one day I felt a HUGE tug on my heart that this is what I was suppose to do. I ignored it for awhile until I couldn’t any longer. I am thankful that God kept tugging on my heart when I felt WAY out of my comfort zone.

So here it is my REAL LIFE income progression as a Beachbody Coach for the first 20 month [Now has been 24!]...

-> Month 1: I paid for my program AND for my shakeology. My goal for myself was to make back my initial package that I started with and I actually made a profit! Now my first goals for my coaches in their first month is the same.
-> Month 4: I continued to pay for my shakeology, groceries and our car payments. Sigh of relief!
-> Month 9: We paid ALL bills! 2,000 in credit card debt and our mortgage. OH and I left my full time 9-5!
-> Month 12: ALL bills, now multiple shakeology orders and 3 credit cards paid in full. We just have 1 left!
-> Month 20: Same pattern but now we have paid ALL of our credit card debt which was $15,000, Christmas in cash AND Bryan (My hubby!) LEFT his 9-5!! <—HUGE dream! Both done with the corporate world at 24!

I show you this so you see that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes time for the income to grow and well a lot of consistent work! This comes from the most humble of places to share how this opportunity has really changed our life. We no longer live paycheck to paycheck. We aren’t digging for quarters and pennies out of our couch cushions to make sure our account doesn’t overdraft and we aren’t racking up credit card debt.

Instead we are PAYING IT OFF and PAYING IT FORWARD! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

To be vague and not give too many details we are able to now bring in a SIX figure income and 5+ figures a month. That means we have more freedom to GIVE back, help others and to not be burdened by our debt.

Maybe health and fitness isn’t your passion and dare I say it’s not my MAIN passion either. Helping people is my MAIN passion. Beachbody has been the VEHICLE to share my story and help other women change their life. What are you passionate about? Could Beachbody Coaching be the vehicle to help you get there and share your story? My mission is to help women do what I have done and tell their story.

I open a BRAND NEW COACH MENTORSHIP training EVERY month for those of you who have that gut feeling like you are suppose to do this, like I did. I am humbly confident that I can give you a step by step guide to do the same thing I have done and mentor you all along the way.

To APPLY or ask further questions to be considered for this group, please apply below:


OR Email ME:

OR FB message me!


BECAUSE your dreams don’t work unless you do...Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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