My Fitness Story

11:20 AM

  I had lost about 15 lbs my senior year of college (2012-2013). I wanted to look awesome for my wedding that would take place in  July of 2013. I did this by lifting  in the gym and eating clean. I was super proud of myself but it did take me about a YEAR to lose the weight and for me to see muscle gain. I got married and felt great about how I looked on my wedding day!

 Well after I got married and started working full time, it became VERY difficult to spend an hour+ in the gym each day. That just wasn't practical! I was trying my best to get a workout in 1-2 times a week but that was just not enough. My eating also started to change. It was hard not to be influenced by another person eating yummy, bad for you food around me all the time! I had gained 5lbs and lost a lot of the muscle that I gained in the last year. I didn't feel as confident around my husband, I constantly felt tired and bloated. I didn't want to always have to start over. 

 I decided I needed a different workout solution. I decided to get T25 for Christmas (2013). Just the program, no support and no shakeology. It was 25 minutes a day at home, I could do this! I followed it for a week straight then slowly stopped doing it. By April I was fed up with starting the program over and over again. I wanted to commit fully. I was Facebook friends with a girl (who is now my coach) who did these online fitness challenges with Beachbody programs (T25, P90x, and many more). I decided that I obviously could not commit on my own so I needed support from others to succeed. 

 I jumped right in as a coach in her challenge group to get the discounts on the products but as the challenge was coming to end I realized that I had a passion for helping people with their health and fitness goals. I am just now finishing up the first round (Alpha) of T25. I have seen crazy results in just 30 days. Support + Fitness + Nutrition = Results. For me this works! I am so encouraged by those around me rooting me along in my journey and vice versa. I am still a work in progress but sooo encouraged with my progress so far. Stay tuned for future PROGRESS!


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