Challenge Group FAQ's

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So your first question may be, well what is a challenge group?  I answer this question in the video below (don't you love the screen shot??). I had A LOT of questions before I joined a Challenge Group, so I assume you may have the same questions. Watch the video and then see below for the FAQ! 

Challenge Groups FAQ:

1. What do I need to join a challenge group? 

#1 A Beachbody Program, T25, P90x3, ect... #2 Shakeoloy, 30 day supply  #3 Accountability, be present in the group!

2. Can I save on cost by purchasing items together? 

YES! You can purchase something called a Challenge Pack which includes your program and a 30 day supply of Shakeology and save up to 25-30%! WHO DOESN'T LOVE A DEAL! 

3. Is there ever any sales on Challenge Packs?

 YES! Every month there is a new promotions on Challenge Packs. Make sure to ask your Beachbody Coach about the monthly deals. 

4. So what is this Shakeology stuff? 

Shakeology is a meal replacement, a whole food and vitamin supplement and a nutrient dense and all natural Super Food Shake. If you want all the details on shakeology, this FAQ page is a fantastic resource. 

5. Do I have to be fit to start in a Challenge Group? 

Heck no! A Challenge Group is literally for EVERYONE. If this is your first time ever working out, what a great way to start! 

6. How do I know which Challenge pack or Beachbody program to choose?

Discuss your goals with your coach. They can help you pick the program that is perfect for you. There is a program for everyone; whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, tone up or just want to be healthier. 

7. What if I need help knowing what and how much to eat? 

No problem! As your coach we will guide you with a meal plan and nutrition guidance throughout the entire challenge. Some programs, such as the 21 day fix, come with a meal plan and in that case we will encourage you to follow that meal plan. However we will offer advice, suggestions and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

8. How long is a Challenge Group? 

The Challenge Groups that I run are usually 30 days long. Some coaches run 60 or 90 day challenges but I feel that you lose a lot of the excitement any longer than 30 days. You are welcome to join the next challenge group if you would like to continue as well:) 

Please feel free to ask me any other questions that I may have missed! Challenge Groups are a lot of fun and are in my opinion, the most encouraging way to reach your health and fitness goals:) 

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