I DON'T Want to be Skinny

8:27 AM

I have had some interesting conversation since posting about my fitness journey. Mostly all good, uplifting and encouraging! BUT with that said we will all have haters in life now won't we? I mean that's okay but I did want to take a minute to talk about the reason I want to take care of my body and let me tell you it's not just to be skinny.

 I don't even really like the word skinny. I mean it just kinda sounds all screachy and painful. I am not a fan when someone says "I just want to be skinny". I think that has become a dangerous word around so many incredibly strong women that I am blessed to be around. Skinny does not always equate to healthy. I think all women at one point or another have struggled with some form of body image. Some more than others. Some have been burdened by eating disorders, anxiety, self hate and low self esteem about the way that they look. That seriously makes my heart sad.

I am no stranger to some of these feelings. I honestly never struggled so severely with body image as many women and friends that I know. I credit that largely to great parents who always reminded me of how fearfully and wonderfully made I was. I think the Lord really protected my heart in that area of my life too. BUT I did HATE parts of my body and didn't feel as comfortable with how I looked and felt at times. If you want to change anything in your life you have to but forth effort, right? It is not going to magically change unless you do something about it. You have to make it a PRIORITY!I have realized this way too many times in my life about many situations but my health and fitness goals were a big one.

So is the only reason I am working out and eating well to "look good"? Well in the past I probably would have said yes but now I would say a big fat NO! Why? because I realized for me that mentality did not propel me to reach my goals. What propelled me to reach my goals and what continues to keep me going is the way that I FEEL. I can tell you that I feel so much better when I am exercising and fueling my body with clean foods. 

*I  sleep better
*I am more positive
*I have more energy
*I am a better worker
*I am encouraged
*I am less lazy
*I am less anxious and stressed
*I am a better partner
*I am more confident. 

This is why I want to be/and stay healthy with exercise and clean eating (most of the time, I'm human!). Not to mention that it is scientifically proven that being physically fit can produce all of these feelings and MUCH more. Oh ya and can prevent from a myriad of diseases (That's a whole other rabbit trail)!

If all of those reasons aren't a good reason to be fit, I don't know what is?  I am doing this to be STRONGER not skinnier (I really hate that word). Stronger physically, stronger mentally and stronger spiritually. So here is to be stronger all around! 

How do you look at your health and fitness goals? Are they too be skinny? A quick fix? Do you have fitness goals or even goals period? What do they look like and how do you approach them? Are your goals being met? Why or why not? 

Now that I have asked you a million questions...I would encourage you to think about these questions, write them out and be HONEST! Share them with me! I would love to hear them and maybe even help you reach them (I would be honored to do so). 

Till then I will be over here getting STRONGER....slowly. Day by day and one step and a time. Goals (and becoming stronger) take time and they are not easy! If it were easy, what satisfaction would we have in meeting them? 

Much Love,

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