Best Homemade Cleaner in the WORLD!

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I LOVE to clean and organize. I know, really weird but it's theraputic for me and something that makes me more produvtive when everything is clean and in it's place.

Once I got to college I realized how much I really loved this when I had my own space and area to take care of. I moved off campus to an apartment with one of my best friends and I loved it but it had a stuborn white tub and sink that did not get sparkling white with EVERY cleaner I tired.

As someone who likes a challenge I set out to make my own cleaner. I started to look around Pinterest and FINALLY found a solution. So here it is....

What you will need!

1. A fill-able squirt bottle. 
2. White distilled vinegar
3. Water
4. Dish soap (dawn preferred but not necessary)

Step By Step!

1. Fill your squirt bottle with 1 cup of white vinegar
2. Add 1 cup or 1 1/2 cups of water
3. Add about a 5 second squirt of dish soap to the squirt bottle
4.Shake it all up! 

You can use this cleaner for almost ALL things in your home but you do want to avoid using it on these surfaces. If your solution turns out a little too soapy or too vinegary (is that a word?) just ADD more water! Very easy fix. 

One of my VERY Favorite places to use this cleaner on it our glass shower doors. Those things get GROSS! Check out the before and after pictures below! When using it on soap scum or built up residue let it sit for 20-30 minutes then proceed with a scrub brush or cloth. I love this cleaner! It's my go to for all our household messes. 

Before and Afters

From YUCK to Ahhhhh

Works beautifully on sinks and tubs! 

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