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So Bryan and I totally breezed over vacation like it wasn't even awesome and it totally was! I was going to do a #TBT picture from our cruise but no way, I thought! A blog recapping our awesome and FREE cruise will be fantastic. Yes, it was FREE. You know those little groups you sign up for, like VIP or club member groups? Well it turns out that Bryan's dad would always sign up Bryan for those points as he was growing up and going on Carnival cruises with his family.

Soooo about 3 days before we were about to book our short 3 day weekend anniversary cruise we got a little paper in the mail and so did Bryan's parents. It said FREE cabin on a Carnival cruise up to 8 days. We thought it was hoax of course but Bryan's parents went ahead and booked a cruise with it (different one than we went on) and it worked!!!! So you best believed we picked the best and nicest cruise we could find. This was truly a blessing from the Lord and we had SO SO SO much fun!

Here is a little recap of our 2014 vaca in the honor of summer coming to an end. Take me back!

Sailing off, First Night and Balcony Room Upgrade (WHAT!)

First Day at Sea! Fresh new sun too:)


Honduras was my FAVORITE!

We did a snorkeling excursion that was just BEAUTIFUL!

We like to have fun and be silly together too. Lot's of laughing and silliness:) 
Costa Mayo!
Final formal night! Oh and we did a little dancing haha:) 
We had such a sweet time on vacation together! We are really enjoying this season of our life, where it's just the two of us before the chaos of children enter the picture. That will be great too! BUT we are enjoying the peace and quiet of just getting to know and enjoy each other each day. I love this dude and the life and dreams we are building together more EVERY DAY! 

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