DYI T25 Work Out Shirt

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Hey Friends!!! Okay so I am not super crafty but this one was pretty easy. I got my T25 completion shirt in the mail and it was awesomely not exciting looking haha. I mean exciting I completed it or NAILDED IT with T25 but the shirt just wasn't nailing it for me, so I decided to liven it up.

So what you need:

1. Old t-shirt or one you just want to make fancy!
2. Scissors
3. Some patience:)


1. The T-Shirt. Easy enough. 
2. Cut the crew neck off of the shirt. Below the stitching. 
3. Cut along the sleeve of the shirt (as wide or narrow as you would like) toward the shape of the arm pit. 
4. Flip it over to the other side matching up the shirt to the other sleeve so that you cut the same width to       match up the other side.
5. At that point you will have tank top with no sleeves! Next cut along the bottom hem of the shirt, above the stitching. 
6. You will have a round ring cut off. 
7. Snip it so there is no longer a circle but one long piece.  
8. Cut just below the stitch all the way along the line till you have two separate long pieces.
9. Take the non-stitch side and STRETCHHHH it out! I look like I am flossing my teeth haha. 
10.  Now flip your shirt over and turn this bad boy into a racer back. Make sure to only cut the back and not the front. 
11. Take the piece you cut off and flip it over to the other side so that it matches up and cut along the guide so both sides match! 
12. Cut a V or a pizza slice into the back top of your shirt and remove. 
13. Take that stretchy piece and double knot it about 2 inches above the start of your V. 
14. Start wrapping it around! 
15. Once you get to the the bottom of your wrap, double knot it and snip off the ends. 
16. I wanted a little lower neckline on mine so I took another slice out of the front of shirt to make it a v-neck! 
17. I also wanted to do a little high low action. So I matched up the corners of the shirt. 
18. Then I cut diagonal, from high to low! 


Some tips! USE A PRACTICE SHIRT FIRST!!! I screwed up a little bit the first few times and my final shirt had a few snips but overall I was happy with my DIY shirt. Hopefully this helpful and is clear as possible! Next time I will do video:)

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment:)