T25 Review and Results

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Okay so as many of you know I completed T25 in the last few months. I received this program for Christmas 2013 (even ordered off amazon and not from a Beachbody Coach, WHAT!). I LOVE this program and I will break down why in this post. I am going to give you the very basics of this program not everything it comes with and all that jazz. I want to talk about what I liked, didn't like and then my results (the best part). 

Basics of T25

  • 25 minute workouts
  • 10 weeks long, 5 weeks Alpha and 5 weeks Beta. There is also an optional Gamma round but it's sold separately (sneaky!)
  • 5 Days a week. Sorta, I always did 6 because I didn't have time to double up on Friday.
  • Shaun T is the trainer and he is pretty great:) 
  • To Recap watch this short little video---->HERE
Now that we have the frame work of the program, I can get into the good stuff. First, this is me Day 1.  I wanted to lose the pudge around my mid-section and sculpt my body and gain some muscle. Those were my goals:)  
Day 1 T25

Alpha (first 5 weeks)

I was blown away with how hard it was! Haha I am not a runner, I HATE cardio. So I was not prepared for this program. It is a full, intense 25 minutes of sweat drenching work out.  There are 5 DVDS that you cycle through. 

  • Cardio. 
  • Speed 1.0.
  • Total Body Circuit.
  • Ab Intervals. 
  • Lower Focus. 
Don't worry you have a calendar to help you keep track of what work out you do on what day:) By far my favorite work outs were Speed 1.0 and Ab Intervals. The hardest was Total Body Circuit. I couldn't do half the moves when I started but thankfully with this program there is a modifier (someone doing modified or easier moves). I actually ended up loving Total Body Circuit after the first 2 weeks!

So this was me nearing the end of round 1 or 30 days into T25. Pretty crazy! 
Day 30 T25

Beta (second 5 weeks)

Just like the first round there are 5 DVD's that you cycle through but on this side you start to incorporate your resistance band that came with the program. 

  • Core Cardio. 
  • Speed 2.0. 
  • Rip't Circuit. 
  • Dynamic Core. 
  • Upper Focus. 

Speed 2.0 was insane. It was so fast that I would trip over my own feet BUT I got better, just like anything else as time went on. I LOVED Upper FOCUS. This was the first time we really did a lot with the arms and I really enjoyed that. Overall I thought this side was easier in some places and harder in others but I really think that is because I got stronger over time. 

So this is me at the end of T25 and my FINAL results. I was EXCITED (I also cut my hair)!

FINAL T25 Results

Overall my Final stats!!!

1. 4 lbs lost
2. 2 inches loss in hips
3. 2.5 inches lost in waist
4. 1 inch lost in each thigh 
5. 1.5 inch gain in each arm

A really cool improvement was in my cardio! I am NOT a runner (like I said before). I hate it so the cardio was tough for me BUT I built up some endurance. Right before I started T25 I ran a mile and it was a 9:30 mile. Pretty bad haha but it was my best! Soon after I finshed my ten weeks of T25 I ran a mile again. I cut 2 MINUTES off my mile. So I was now running a 7:30 mile. WHAT! I thought that was so cool. 

Final Review

This program is awesome for EVERYONE! It is challenging for the fitness guru and modified where needed for the beginners. No lie this program is tough and you have to fully commit to those 25 minutes, even if you are doing those modified moves. I would recommend this to people who are at ALL levels of fitness. 

1. 25 minutes
2. 10 weeks
3. Great for all levels of fitness
4. Modified moves for those who are less experienced (I had to follow her in the beginning) 
5. Fast and Quick
6. Brings GREAT results! 

1. No rests (Shaun-T says "You rest when you sleep!")
2. Lots of hopping and jumping (if you have some past injuries)
3. Cardio Intensive (this was tough for me to get over but I am glad that I did)
4. You will be sore! 
5. You will sweat A LOT!

The REALLY good news!

T25 challenge pack is on sale till August 31st. It is a great price:) I promise you will not regret choosing this program or joining a challenge group for support. What do you have to lose by doing so? You only have time, energy, confidence and support to GAIN this next month. If you would like more info on challenge groups or how to get T25 at the discounted price this month. Contact me via EMAIL or FACEBOOK! Can't wait to reach those goals with you:) 

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