What's In Your Purse?

1:32 PM

I always think it is so fun to see what people's homes, inside of car or closet looks like! I think you can really get to know someone this way. Don't you? Maybe I am just weird but the thing I had on hand was purse so I just went with it! 

Thankfully I didn't have anything too weird in there and I only had my little side bag with me today so maybe there needs to be a second addition for my BIG purse. That would probably tell you a little more about me but for now, here it goes....

So this is what I was working with today->

 My Faves:                               Weird Items:

  • My chap stick!                     *  PiYo Measuring tape?
  • Bobbies                                 *   Flash drive
  • Wallet                                    *   I always end up having jewelry in my bag
  • Apple Juice (It's sad)         *   I need to fix my suns. They would be in faves.

What my purse says about me:

Well my wallet alone would probably tell you a lot but that's a whole other rabbit trail. I just organized it yesterday so that would tell you that I am organized! I am prepared to always have juice in my phone, pens to write my checks with, hair ties to tie my hair back with so that I can take those PiYo transformation measurements. I am ready to go with my keys and half way functioning sunglasses but don't worry I always have an extra accessory with my my necklace(s) and burts bees tinted lip balm.When all else fails I have a flash drive and some advil??? Haha I am just being silly but I am sure it says something deep about me.

So what's in your bag or purse and what does it say about you?

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