4 Months as a Beachbody Coach Income Growth

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Hey Guys! 

Okay I hesitated a bit posting this BUT I think that it's so not fair not to. So my coaching story is a little unique. Most people start as a challenger in a challenge group and then become a coach. Not me! I just jumped in with BOTH feet. Why the heck not, right? I am so glad I did and it seems that I attract those same kind of coaches too, which I absolutely LOVE. 

Coaching has rocked my WORLD for the last 4 months. I am in the BEST shape of my life and have grown as a person SO much. My family is reaching goals financially in a VERY short amount of time thanks to Beachbody (credit card pay-off and savings). Guys! my coach Brittany Legette is the #7 team in Beachbody out of 225,184. WHAT! So I am a part of team that pours their ALL into you and will not allow you to give up because they see all that potential in you. 

Okay it can be REALLY tacky to talk about money BUT I want to share a little piece of my success from a very REAL person. I have in no way made a TON of money but I want to at least show you the possibilities by just sharing your life with others, giving it all you got and oh yeah, getting paid to get fit. 

Okay I will break this down a little bit for you by each section. I am in no way the most successful coach ever. There are MANY coach who do WAY better than me in this amount of time. BUT this is me:) Important to note that these are WEEKLY paychecks.

OKAY! So week 1. I didn't sell anything! BUT I signed a coach. SO for singing my first coach I got $60! I was SOOOOOO excited. 

Week 1

I immedietly got plugged into a coach basics group that my coach was running and started learning a little more about the business each day. It is really VERY simple. Practice these 3 vital behaviors:

1. INVITE people to join you. 
2. Work on your fitness and personal transformation.
3. Invest in yourself with reading and listening to personal development

Okay! So fast forward to a week in month 2. I was consitent in inviting to my challenege group. This was ALL retail comisson. As a coach you make 25% comission on each item you sell. OH and my shakeology was now COVERED! Woohoo! 

A week in Month 2

Okay so now I am an EMERALD coach which means that I have two coaches under me and I am eligible for a ton of new income opportunity earnings. YAY! 
A week in Month 3

So what is that Team Bonus well once you become Emerald you get to earn income from your coaches under you! I also was consistent with adding new coaches and inviting to my challenge groups each month. 

Month 4, I am now a DIAMOND coach. WHAT! It was my goal to hit it by September 1st and I just barely made it. Now becoming a Diamond coach I earn more money for team cycle bonuses. I also recievie a matching bonus on what my coaches make for their team cycle bonuses. It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER! 

Month 4-Last weeks paycheck

So this just shows you that my retail commission is just a small part in earning an income, I continued to help my team succeed and grow and they brought me most of my income by me simply pouring into them and oh they are AWESOME coaches too!
This opportunity is for EVERYONE! I am just getting started in this business but the practices to succeed are VERY simple. 

1. Focus on the vital behaviors 
2. Remain consistent 
3. Do NOT give up!
4. You will fail but that's the only way to succeed. 
5. Focus on Personal Development

I am hosting a coach training group starting in the VERY beginning of October! I only have 5 spots open for this group. I would LOVE to personally mentor and train you through this business. I was involved in a group just like the one I am planning and it propelled me for SUCCESS!

 If you know you are ready to jump in and join my team-sign up HERE

ANYTHING is possible in this business. If you have a heart for others, are self motivated,and share  with others...you will SUCCEED. I can't wait to have you on my team. 

Remember...Actually, you can. Let's do this!

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**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner on TeamBeachbody.com for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

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