There is Always Something to be Thankful for...

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Okay so I have been super negative this week. Pretty much being frustrated with MANY areas, situations, relationships, and season of the current life that I am in. You know what though I am thankful and blessed. I am honestly writing this blog for my own good and to reference back when I am feeling less than thankful or grateful. No doubt that I will be able to add more in those times of heart ache and frustration,

This small list is just a snap shot of the things that I am thankful for in this life.

I am Thankful For Or Blessed With: 

1. A God that loves me with a STEADFAST love, always.
2. A loving husband and family that are oh so patient to tend to my needs, wants and dreams.
3. Food and a home to sleep in each night.
4. Having the freedom in the USA, that we do.
5. Being a part of Beachbody coaching and growing so many friendships, dreams and developing my character.
6. My health.
7. My puppy.
8. A car that works and has air conditioning:)
9. A job
12. Vacations that we are able to take for fun & sometimes for FREE (totally God).
13. An amazing church family in Covenant Life Church.  '
14. Friends, far and near.
15. Our apartment. I love how we have made it our home.
16. Saturdays
17. To own MANY Bibles.
18. Older women who have been where I have been already and counsel me well.
19. Personal growth in the last year.
20. Owning books of my own.
21. Weekends
22.  Hair, I know kinda a weird one but my best friend lost hers at a time from alopecia. So I am thankful for my hair everyday. You can read a blog about that here.
23. A DVD player so I can work out at home everyday.
24. A husband to wake up with every morning! He recently left his job that had him out of bed at 4 AM. Thankful to have him turn over and hug me to wake me up:)
25. Music
26. Iphones
27. Organizing stuff-I love it all.
28. Bobby bins
29. Prayer at all times and any time with my God.
30. The breathe in my lungs.

So this is a VERY short and somewhat superficial lists in the things that I am thankful for BUT it was a necessary practice as I became overwhelmed with my current situation. Can I tell you that as I was working through this list that my attitude and posture changes AND some really incredible milestones came into play from my business and life in general.

I am Thankful & I am Blessed.

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