21 Day Fix Review and Results-What YOU need to know!

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THIS IS MY FAVORITE PROGRAM!! Did you know there is an Extreme version coming out in February 2015!?! I am SO excited about it. Well I guess I kind of gave away my review to you all early but I will go more into detail.

What is the 21 Day Fix? 

It is a Beachbody program that gets you REAL results in 21 Days. FOR REAL. It is all based on 30 minute work outs each day with a food and portion control system that is VERY easy to follow. It seriously is FAIL proof. This program has retrained me in the eating arena. I will NEVER eat the same again now that I have been taught the right PORTIONS and foods to eat. Before I was eating too little and that is a VERY common issue in not seeing results. The better whole foods you eat the more you can consume.

How do you follow the eating plan? 

Okay so lets jump into the eating portion. Aren't these little guys so cute! You can see above that all containers are color coded. Each one belongs to a different food group. You can see which ones belong to who above!

You get a nifty little book that helps you figure out what your caloric baseline is and then it will assign you to the correct calorie intake bracket. I am in the first bracket so that means that I get 2 tablespoons (not shown above), 1 orange, 2 yellow, 2 purples, 1 blue, 3 greens, and 4 reds (Shakeology falls under this). You get a list of the approved list of food for each category listed. No guessing! If you can fit it into the container and it's on the list, have at it!  Pretty simple right?

Here is what a couple of my meals looked like to give you some reference! I should have been better about taking pictures but oh well! You are also aloud coffee but can only have almond milk in it, 3 times a week by replacing a yellow and I wasn't giving up my quinoa and brown rice!!! SO now I am black coffee drinker. I actually quite love black coffee now. Who would have thought?? You can also sub some other items a few times a week.

BEST part about the fix is you can have WINE and CHOCOLATE (occasionally)!

AND of course there is the ever important SHAKEOLOGY. To me this is a non-negotiable part of my everyday life. I make sure that I am getting it in EVERY single day. Why would you not? It's Seriously delicious and the best meal replacement shake on the market. It has 100% accelerated MY personal results.

Now that we have gotten through the meal plan let's talk about those work outs!

So what are the work outs like? 

The work outs are great! I had just finished T25 before I dived into the Fix and I saw some GREAT results. You can read about that HERE. The work outs compared to that are just a little less cardio driven and more strength training driven. Which i just love! It is based on drop sets and circuits. Each day focuses on something new to keep your body guessing! Here is a little preview of my favorite work out called Dirty 30 on the 21 Day Fix. 

Okay, enough let's see your results! 

I had never seen me with SO much definition and MUSCLE! That's exactly what I was aiming for. I was seriously so impressed! 21 Days, that't it? Yep! crazy. One of my challengers lost 15 LBS in 21 Days on this program. I am not kidding! She is just one of many that has such an awesome and incredible story. It could be your story too! 

Any tips for this program? 

Yes!  I have a few. First! You will need to pick up a set of light and heavy weights or resistance bands. I use 5 and 10 pounders. I got them at Marshall's and they were pretty inexpensive! 

Second, You will want to track what containers you are eating. There are several apps but I am a CHEAPO so I use a free way on my iPhone to track them. I found this tip out through another fellow Beachbody coaches blog. You can check out how to set it up HERE.

Lastly, I keep a list of the foods in PDF form on my phone at ALL times to make sure that I am eating the Fix approved foods while on the go or in the grocery store! It is super convenient and has been a lifesaver at times. 

Want to know more or would like to be a part of a Fitness accountability group to keep you on track? CLICK HERE! I would love to connect with you and get to know you and help YOU reach your health and fitness goals! 

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you! I hope you found this helpful and I hope to connect with you soon. Blooper at the end of my pups KING. Love that guy. 

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