23 TO 24

9:46 AM

Wow! Just laying in bed reflecting, no make up on, a little mascara left over from the night before, puppy by my side. What a year! From 23 to 24.....

-We celebrated our 1 year of marriage-
-Became dog parents to our sweet King-
-I really committed to my health and fitness-
-I became the most comfortable I have ever been in my own skin-
-The Lord taught me so much about being his daughter, a wife and a woman-
-I got to help so many people on their own journeys-
-I grew a lot in all areas of my life-
-I became so much sappier and emotion filled-
-I became a Beachbody coach and gained a whole new family -
-I made and achieved goals-
-I learned how to be content even in trials-

Honestly, I could go on and on! I have never been so grateful for such an amazing year. I have a feeling that 24 will be EVEN better. Very thankful for all of the opportunities that were present and ALL that are to come. Here is to 24! 

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