Insanity MAX 30--->Going ALL in!

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Okay SO I will tell you I am terrified to put this out there! BUT I am fully committing to this BRAND new program from Shaun T called Insanity MAX 30.

Check it out in this video! 

Have you ever tried Insanity? BUT gave up because it was just TOO long and TOO intense??? Okay this may not be any less intense BUT it is shorter. I got the privelage to try this program out on a Beachbody coach retreat I was recently on. I LOVE me some T25 and saw my body seriously transform from that program. See my results HERE
This program is tough BUT it is totally doable for ALL levels of fitness. Why? Because there is a modifier for EVERY move. You can MAX out and take a break and then jump back in (max out doesn't mean stop). It is for my uber fit friends or someone (LIKE ME) who is looking for a new challenge. 

So what are the details...

What is Insanity Max 30?: Shaun T has developed 150 new cardio and strength moves that will make YOU push harder and dig deeper than ever before to get the best body of their life.

How long many days is the program?: 60 Days 

How long is a work out?: 30 minutes

How many days a week?: 5 Days

When is it being released?: December 2nd BUT only to Team Beachbody Coach customers. If you would like to be on the VIP list receive the information FIRST. Email me HERE

I am so looking forward to this being my next program! I will be documenting my progress here and keeping you in the loop with how I am doing to keep myself accountable. I am ordering the day it comes out so I will be starting BEFORE Christmas. If you order before December 15th you will get it in time for Christmas!!!

Who is committing to this program with me??? 

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