Shakeology is TOO Expensive!

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OKAY! I use to think this was so TRUE but when I really looked at what I was spending my money on, I was shocked to see that  it wasn't. For the VALUE that I was getting and the money I was wasting on other items. I ACTUALLY AM SAVING MONEY NOW!

The other items I was purchasing weren't BAD (okay, maybe some were). For example the Synergy above. It's not bad for you BUT for the value, you are paying A LOT for a drink. NOT a meal replacement. NOT a product with the BEST 70+ vitamins and nutrients. The benefits are good BUT I wouldn't say the value matches the price of the product.


We started to track what we were ACTUALLY spending our money on for snacks & breakfast....

That drive through Starbucks every day or every few days
A snack at a gas station
A fast food breakfast
A vending machine drink or snack everyday
Snacky sugary foods to fill our hunger for breakfast or "bored" times

We were spending A LOT of money on that junk. When I decided to make a decision to INVEST in my health (literally in all senses of the word) I was worried about the cost. What I realized is that I was investing in MY HEALTH not just some "cheap" food for a quick fix BUT a long lasting nourishing meal.

We are saving between $60-$80 a month on our grocery bill because of Shakeology. We no longer need the drive through foods or snacky breakfast stuff at the store. I have NEVER felt better or more satisfied BECAUSE I chose to invest my money into MY health, while also pocketing the extra moolay :)


To find out more about what is actually in shakeology, get your questions answered or to purchase go HERE!

To read an awesome article about Shakeology myths go HERE!

As always feel free to message me or email me ANY questions that you may have or if you are looking to start your fitness journey. I would be happy to help!

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