Turning a HOUSE into a HOME

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I am a homebody by nature. Honestly I just want my family at home and that's it, maybe a couple friends but not for too long haha. I like my space, solitude and comfort. Well I have had a conviction since purchasing our house. A house, as a believer is meant for SO much more than just being a roof over our heads.

It is meant to...

Serve others
Invite others
Comfort others
Celebrate with others
Weep with others
Housing others
Reaching out to neighbors
Loving on the community
AND so much more...

By God's Grace, I want to make our home a place of refuge. A warm and inviting dwelling that all feel welcome, most importantly to my sweet husband (& future babies). I want to always be available to serve those in need with a meal, prayer, service or whatever it looks like.

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9

My mom is really good at this. Like really, really good. Her gift is hospitality ALL the way. People loved coming to my house growing up for parties, get togethers or to stay the night and still to this day everyone LOVES hanging at the Perry's. Looking back I so took that for granted.

Almost every holiday someone who wasn't family was sitting at our table. Yes, even on Christmas. I will admit that I didn't like that for awhile and totally felt uncomfortable with it BUT again looking back I treasure that time in having others spending time with us when their family was far off or they just needed a warm meal. I want to emulate my mother in that way (and so many other ways). I am thankful for her acts of love in service and always being open to have ANYONE over because that is what we are called to do. 

The blessing of a home is not to hold tightly (like everything  in life, I am not my own) BUT to share with others and use it to minister to those who need the encouragement, love or blessing. I write this mostly to keep myself accountable to this because trust me, all I want to do is close up my home and enjoy it with my family. BUT I have a very real conviction that, that isn't the reason of being entrusted with a home of our own. 

So keep tracking with us as we turn this house into a home in external/cosmetic changes and in the heart/purpose of our home. I can't wait to see where this next chapter takes us :) 

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