3 Day Refresh-EVERYTHING you need to know!

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I always feel SO accomplished when I do something like this. Sometimes we eat a little too much here or there--->>Between my birthday and moving into a new house and Thanksgiving there was lots of celebration and too much splurging!!!

It was time to get back on track and REALLY gear up to stay on track for this holiday season because you know how tricky that can be   BUT I AM COMITTED!! This was the PERFECT solution to kick my healthy eating habits back in gear and help set me up for success this holiday season.

This is NOT a juice cleanse. It is a healthy plant based cleanse FILLED with fiber, protein and fruits and veggies. So it isn't hard on your body and you are not starving yourself, rather ridding your body of toxins.

I felt light on my feet and REFRESHED! I was down 3 lbs and 2.5 inches combined from waist and hips.

This puts me in GREAT position to start my NEW program: INSANITY MAX: 30!

I think this is GREAT if you are:
1. Want to start your fitness journey with a little JUMP start!
2. Feel refreshed, cleanse your system and drop a little fluff to fit back into those fav jeans of yours  



This is what a day looks like on the 3 Day Refresh. I was never hungry. I wanted things other than I was allowed BUT I was never hungry. These cleanses always show how we are at self disciplined. I am not very good haha! BUT I did not cheat once and made it through and that makes me feel so proud!

The Good: They give you LOTS of yummy recipes to work off of. My favorite was the veggie stir fry!  Shakeo was my fav part of the day and always is really. The feeling when it was done was wonderful:)

The Bad: I am not a big fan of vanilla so the Vanilla Fresh wasn't my favorite but it was manageable. I just prefer chocolate.

The Ugly: Fiber Sweep was YUCK but I got down as much as I could, as quick as I could and DONE. Really the flavor wasn't bad at all. Just the consistency.


1. Cut, prep and plan everything ahead of time!
2. Plan to do it during a low key time. Maybe beginning  or mid week. The weekend was not the best choice for me.
3. Get some BIG thick straws to drink your shakes. Just makes it better :)
4. Take before and after pictures and measurements. 

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