DIY No Sew Roman Shade

9:16 AM

Okay I am NOT good with fabric BUT this project is pretty simple. Do you know how much roman shades cost???? UM they are really expensive!! THIS project cost us about $40 bucks!

What I love about this is you can pick your own fabric and totally customize it to the space that you need it for. Above our sink we have two small windows that had two mini blinds in it. YUCK! I wanted to add some color and texture in this space. SO I did some Pinteresting and found this super simple tutorial HERE.

The difference with my project is that my blind was MUCH bigger and cumbersome.


1. Fabric Glue
2. Iron
3. 51 in. x 64 in mini bind (whatever size you need)
4. Small paint brush
5. Scissors
6. Measuring tape

My Tips:

1. Iron the edges first before glue and I would constantly be checking the measurement while you are gluing it with the fabric glue.
2. We used Liquid nails instead of the fabric glue to attach the fabric to the top.
3. There was two extra ladders to cut on this size blind. Cut those out too! Just DO NOT cut the middle string going through the actual blinds. This size add the 3 NO CUT strings.
4. Let dry for 4-5 hours before hanging.

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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