One Decision Changed EVERYTHING

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Wow, goodness. The last 9 months have been a WHIRLWIND. WOW (I just keep saying that over and over again)! So why did I wait to say YES to this decision? That is my ONLY regret in my journey.

I had been wrestling with this feeling about a year to 9 months ago about there just being something more out there that I was suppose to be doing. It was stirring inside and really keeping me up at night.

I watched my now coach (#7 in the BIZ) get incredibly healthy, fit and happy. I was kinda annoyed all the time by it but still drawn to her posts. I watched and waited for a 1.5 years and then I started to watch her post about an opportunity to be mentored in a group to be successful in the business. I was intrigued...

For the next week the feeling that I was suppose to do this, would NOT leave me alone. Finally I applied for the group and dove in head first. I fell in love INSTANTLY. Why?

1. Positive community and uplifting surroundings.
2. Products were/are incredible. My body changed DRASTICALLY in 1 week.
3.All about helping others in their own journey whether it's in their business or in their own health/fitness journey.
4. I could do this from business and work outs for that matter, ANYWHERE. MY home, outside, or on the road.
5. I only succeed when I help others succeed.
6. Incredible rewards and endless earning potential.
7. All the tools were available. I just had to leap and GO FOR IT!

I could go on forever and ever about how this opportunity has changed my life for the better. In EVERY area. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed that this opportunity found me. Me, making the decision to jump in with 2 feet changed the course of my life forever. It will never be the same and I thankful.

I will be hosting my very own training called 14 Days of Mentoring. It is a training group for my BRAND NEW coaches in 2015. It is has all the tools that I believe you need to be successful in this business. You just have to RUN with it.

The train is leaving and I want YOU to be on the train with me. Celebrating your very own life changing decision.

If you would like to be considered for the opportunity to be a part of this training group. PLEASE apply below by February 4th. The group will start February 9th!

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