Pimp My Hutch

12:09 PM

Man I am WAY behind on blogging on projects we have done around the house. I am going to be better! For now I will Share just a small project I was working on!

I have wanted one for awhile but didn't have space in our apartment for it when we were there so when we were hunting for stuff for our new home we found this ugly bad boy at Goodwill for $50. When I say hunt I mean hunt haha. We are not big box people AT ALL. Our style might be best described as vintage/eclectic/rustic. I know WEIRD mash up!

Tampa has some of the BEST places for this kind of stuff! I will share some of my favorite places to hunt for awesome finds for our style. If we can't find it or it's not worth $$$, we (and by we, I mean my husband) simply build it. Next blog I will share those.

Back to pimping my hutch out...I decided to go with a a pint of the color Creamy from Behr, just from Home Depot. I list the steps below. Very simple and easy! Anyone can do it :)


1. Clean your hutch. Inside and out! 
2. Remove your hardware.
3. Place a drop cloth under your hutch so that you don't paint your floor!
4. Next I wiped it down with some mineral spirits (get at any Home Depot/Lowes) to get a little it of that lacquer off. I didn't sand it but you could.
5. Start painting. I would suggest painting the inside FIRST but I didn't know what I wanted to do with the inside so I painted the outside first. I put on 3 coats! I used about 3 different sized brushes to get in the grooves and close to the glass.
6. Let dry and attach hardware back on. Clean up glass if you got paint on the glass with a scraper. 
7. Fill your hutch with whatever you want! I think we will be putting in some lights later on down the road. 
8. Stand back and enjoy your PIMPED OUT HUTCH! 

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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