21 Day Fix Extreme MEAL PLAN

9:40 AM

Here we go guys!!!! I am so excited about starting this program. The original 21 Day fix totally changed my life with how I eat. Taught me how much, what and when to eat. Seriously my body transformed. Check out my blog on the original 21 Day Fix HERE. I will be sharing my journey over the next 21 Days with the EXTREME.

First what everyone wants to know about. So how is the plan different from the original. Check it out below! It is much more dialed in and leaves out the chocolate, wine and things like deli meat. The amount of containers that you consume each day varies on your calorie bracket that the book help you determines!

I carry this little guy around with me EVERYWHERE so that I know what to eat when out, shop for and it's just good to have on hand.

I am starting up DAY 2 today and loving this so much. The work outs are quick 30 minutes and Autumn makes them tons of fun. Plus I love incorporating weights back in! I got my before pictures taken and I am so excited to share my after pictures with you guys in 19 days!!!

I am PUMPED about the next 21 Days of getting shredded. How I stay motivated and on track is with my fitness accountability groups. My next one will be: Pick Your Fix Challenge Group. You will choose which 21 Day Fix suits your goals and we will take on the challenge ALL TOGETHER, you, me and other women just like you who are looking for support and accountability and to make BIG changes.

Accountability was so key in my transformation. It was the missing link that I didn't know I needed to meet my goals. I would love to help keep you accountable, guide you and keep you on track. If you would like to considered for the Pick Your Fix Challenge Group, please apply below!!!

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