21 Day Fix EXTREME Work Outs

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I am on day 4 of the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and today (Thursday) was Lower Fix. Unlike the original 21 Day Fix which Thursdays were Pilates days! It's always nice to change it up and be surprised. I am LOVING these work outs so far. They are challenging and push you but I really think they are doable for anyone who has some sort of baseline of fitness.

So here is what the work out schedule looks like for 21 Day Fix EXTREME. I love having these little cheat sheets for my challengers and myself!

You will see everything that you need here. The only new item added from the original 21 Day Fix is the resistance band. They suggest that you use the "pink band" from Beachbody, which is what they use in the video and is a 15 pound band. I am not using the pink band, I am using a 15 pound band that I purchased separately and I can tell you I don't feel as agile as they look in the videos but this could be because I am not as strong yet, too!

I bought my 5 and 10 pound weights at Marshall's. That was the cheapest place I could find them and I got an awesome deal :) The book suggests that women should have a set of light 3 to 5 pound dumbbells and a heavier set of 8 to 15 pound dumbbells. For men, they suggest a set of 8 to 10 pound dumbbells for the light pair and 15 to 25 pound dumbbells for the heavy set.

The meal plan is going really well still. I haven't cheated ONCE! That is huge for me haha! I know only day 4. I owe it all to my challenge groups who keep me accountable each day and every month. If you would like to read more about the meal plan, you can check it out HERE.

Stay tuned for recipes! I am making them up as I go and some have been SO yummy and some not so yummy haha. Don't worry I will only share the yummy :)


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