DIY 10 Foot Desk

12:28 PM

So our office/guest room was getting out of control because it is our holding area for future projects BUT I needed to be able to work in it like ASAP so my hubby got to work!

I started with an inspiration board like this one (I always do)...

So we had been hoarding some pieces to build some furniture for awhile; the old, antique sewing table, for example! I knew I wanted the desk to be BIG and that it is.

What we used for the project: 

4: 6" x 10' boards (top)
1:  2" x 6' board (for X)
Old antique sewing table
Minwax stain (Special Walnut)
Minwax polyurethane 

Black Spray Paint (ya we like easy!)

It is not all done but it's a start! It's a workable space. YAY!!! Plus I was on the hunt for the most perfect chair and pillow for this space and I found it! How awesome eclectic, weird and comfy is it??? I am in love! I think this will my fave place in the house. SO excited :) 

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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