I QUIT My FULL TIME Job With Beachbody Coaching

12:01 PM

Okay so I guess this is more of a Vlog but hey either way. I am so EXCITED to share this with you!!!

So you watched the video and now your thinking. So how do I do that???

So here is my invitation to you. I am mentoring 5 women, just 5 because I want to really help you do what I have done on this journey. There is no secrets, I share everything with you and want to help you really go after your goals and dreams!
So who am I looking for? Women: who are caring, kind, driven, passionate, hard working, maybe has a fire inside to do more and wants to help others.

I talk to a lot of people who don't think they can make this work because they are working full time, school full
time, have babies or too far in a financial hole.

Here is my question to you and to all of those objections: What if this was something you built along side your current full time job, school, nap time and to help you get out of that financial hole? Instead of wallowing why don't you TAKE ACTION and get your life back.

As far as time goes, I was a stressed out wife with a full time job when I started. So I know what it's like to be where you are because I was there just 9 months ago. Today I have replaced my current income with this "job" and I did it all while working full time. I have 1 more week left in a 9-5 and then it's on to helping others each and everyday with everything I have.
I can SHOW you how I did that and give you specific tools to make this work, even if it's a part time gig, a gig to pay off debt or if you want to go ALL IN like I have.

So let me ask you ONE more question. Why not YOU???

If you would like to be considered for this Mentorship group please apply below. The deadline to apply is Saturday by 12 PM smile emoticon We start on Monday March 2nd!!!
I seriously can't wait to read and hear your goals/dreams. I am so looking forward to watching you make them HAPPEN!

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