1 Week of Beachbody Income Paid Our Mortgage

5:37 AM

AND our car payment AND our electric bill. 
Soooo yes this a money post and if you feel awkward, then keep scrolling!!! I don't ever share my income through Beachbody to be showy or cocky but instead to show you what is possible when you really decide to change your life. 
The income that we saw this week from Beachbody was mind blowing. Weeks, months of hard work and investing in others has blessed us beyond belief. Not just financially but in every other way possible. I could go on forever about it!
It's not a get rich quick kind of thing. Not in the slightest! It's a helping people kind of things in changing their life in health and also helping them develop their own business to potentially change their entire future. 
If you have been thinking about this whole coaching thing and if I really make income doing it then the answer is YES and actually now I make over double in one week than I made at my 9-5 job in two weeks. 
How??? By helping other people just like you succeed. That continues to grow as I help you, help others. It's not easy but it's really simple and I would love to show you how I have done that.
I would do this totally for free because I LOVE it but the fact that I am able to build a life of freedom while doing what I love is seriously a blessing from the Lord. 
Whether you just want to help people, are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, want to obliterate debt, create some fun money for vacations or maybe you want to make this a full time gig like I have...please reach out to me!!!
I would love nothing more to share how this has changed my life and how it can change yours too. 

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