10 Things I Learned from a Job I Hated

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You come out of college with so much hope, believing that you will make your dreams come true. Well at least that is what I thought.  I graduated as a young 22 year old in May 2013 and landed my first decent paying job in June 2013. I thought I arrived and made it, until the high of working full time wore off and I just lived for the weekend.

NOW, I don't ever have to feel that way again! Why you ask?  Well check out THIS post of how I quit my job to make all my dreams come true! Oh and uh you can too by the way...I would love to show you how but for now I would like to reflect on the things I learned from a job I hated and in the end pushed me to pursue my dreams!

Let the countdown begin...

10. I  understand why adults drink coffee now. Totally get it. It's like a mini vacation from work that makes you feel cozy and warm in a frigid workplace. I learned that I actually LOVE black coffee and now can't operate without it. Thanks Adulthood!

9. I learned how to take criticism graciously, even when it absolutely wasn't true or accurate. I don't credit this to me but definitely Jesus. It's way better to be the humble in any situation and try and listen more than you speak. Even if/when they are speaking of how poor you are or bashing you to your face.

8.  I learned that even in really crappy situations, workplaces and bosses. You can meet some pretty amazing people who will impact your life forever. Whether it was a customer or co-worker. I will take a piece of their positivity or what they taught with me. I will also be able to take their friendship and that means the world to me. There are some wonderful people even in ugly situations! Also, everyone needs a work BFF.

7. I learned that Google is my best friend. You think I am joking but seriously!!! Some work places aren't willing or capable of training you or maybe they expect you to figure it out! Well in these cases, let's Google it! I mean it is amazing the FREE and unlimited resources that are at your fingertips. Exercise the Google search in all situations! This also might be fun to send to co-workers ;) ------>LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU!

6. You are going to FAIL! Yep, so why not own that instead of fear it? Fail forward and dive in. So what if you fail? I love this quote..."If you are afraid to fail, you will KEEP failing forever". So start failing NOW, so you don't fail forever!

5. I learned to forgive and pray. Okay this is a hard one, especially when you have people who are constantly hurting you BUT with Jesus all things are possible. I learned that even if everything sucks, people are yelling at you, taking credit for your work or just being plain mean girls; just forgive and say a prayer of blessing over them. Guess what happens when we do that? It is off your shoulders! Not your internal battle. Of course if this is a problem you attributed to, seek reconciliation but if is it just meanness... Stop, give it up to the Lord and forgive and THEN pray a blessing over them. Good bye to drama and yuckiness in our heart.

4. Just because you have a lack of leadership, doesn't mean that you can't learn! Take initiative and pick up a leadership book (my fave John C. Maxwell), time management book or financial book. LEARN, don't  just blame your lack of growth on others for not "leading" you. You are capable!

3. I learned to work with difficult people. I am pretty sure that for the rest of my life that I will have to work with some kind of difficult person. SO hey why not take this as a learning experience?

2. When I didn't like where my story was starting to go, I decided to CHANGE it! I seeked opportunity that  was what I truly wanted to do. An opportunity that I believe God really dropped in my lap through Beachbody coaching. I couldn't imagine spending my life any differently than helping others share and change their stories too.

1. I learned to be CONTENT and THANKFUL in all situations. There was some crappy times in the job that I hated. I would cry many times on my way home from work and ask when I would be able to just get out of there. Here is what I learned, nothing will EVER be ideal. Whenever you are discontent, think about EVERYTHING that you have to be thankful for and then try and be discontent. Be thankful for where you are now and don't live in the future. Be content, maybe not happy always but content always.

That's it folks!! There is much more that I learned but those are my top 10. You know that you can hit the ESC key and get out of there! Just have to find what you love and pursue that with your whole heart till you get there! My ESC key was Beachbody coaching and now my "ceiling" is blown off the roof! My income is directly reflected for how hard I work, how many people I help and personal growth. I love my "job" now, that is such a relief to say.

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