:::5 Ways I STAY MOTIVATED On My Health and Fitness Journey:::

12:31 PM

People ask me ALL the time how I stay motivated on my health and fitness journey and trust me I could make a much longer list but here is the top 5. 


5. I don't weigh myself. How are my clothes fitting? What inches have I lost?
4. I have accountability of others in my fitness accountability groups. They save me from eating the ENTIRE Ben and Jerry's quart of Phish Food in the fridge smile emoticon
3. MUSIC. I crank the music when I work out and dance at the same time. Usually in my underwear. Thank goodness I work out at home.
2. My work outs are ONLY 30 minutes a day from home. That's it. Totally doable!

LAST but not LEAST...

1. I eat CHOCOLATE [Shakeology] for breakfast!!! smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon

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