A Day of Eating on the 21 Day Fix EXTREME

7:38 AM

I think I am going to start a new little mini series called "What Shay Eats..". It's a good way to track my own food!! 
This is what a day in the life of my eating looks like with the 21 Day Fix EXTREME. To be honest, I struggle to eat all this goodness! I found that before I was informed about proper nutrition I was NOT eating enough OR I was eating WAY too much of certain types of "healthy food". 
Salads, almonds, whole grains and fruit are GREAT! But we are not meant to overload on whole grains and fruit all day long OR eat a salad the size of our HEAD. 
It's all about portions! See those little color coded block guys down there? Ya, those are a part of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME meal plan that I follow. SUPER SIMPLE, visual, color coded way to see what types of foods you should be eating, how much food you are eating in a day and to stay on track with your eating. 
It has totally revolutionized the way that I eat forever and the results from following this meal plan consistently and the 30 minute work outs a day have brought me the greatest results to do date. CRAZINESS. 
It's SIMPLE...simple fitness, simple nutrition and accountability from others who are on the same journey as myself.

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