44 Cents A Day...Seriously???

11:13 PM

So I have been in a little work out slump. I will be honest! Ever since we got back form vacation it's so hard to get back on the wagon. Something that have been motivating me BIG time is Beachbody On Demand. 

So what is Beachbody On Demand??

Well it is a streaming option that Beachbody offers that you can access anywhere, anytime! How cool is that? 

The best part is that it has a library jam packed of awesome, world class Beachbody programs valued at over $3,000 dollars if you owned them all on their own. Plus so many ones that haven't gotten to try yet so you never get bored!

Crazy right??? 

You know what else is really cool. If you ever purchased a Beachbody program that isn't quite available through the on demand portion, then they add it to your account so all of your programs are in one place. So neat!!

So it much be a fortune? Nope, it's literally $0.44 a day for access to 100's of work outs, meals plans and options.

No gym, minimal equipment, access to world class trainers and meal plans, at just $0.44 a day.


P90X3 work out with Tony Horton has been my FAV lately!!  

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