June 21 Online Fitness Accountability Group

12:39 PM


How in the world is summer already here? Oh my goodness! 

Can I be honest with you? I don't feel ready! I worked my booty off (literally) before our cruise to get in optimal shape BUT I am human and getting back on the wagon after multiple back to back vacations is HARD. 

The only thing that gets me back on the wagon and pushes me daily are these challenge groups. I am dragging behind the wagon right now but my friends are keeping right there with me pulling me up.

I know that if I give my all for 3 weeks that I can be back to where I was or even farther along! Seriously all you need is 3 weeks to see incredible change. I promise you! BUT you have to put in the work and make a lifestyle shift and be committed. I need accountability daily to be all in and maybe you do to.

I am hosting a 21 day challenge starting June 1st and ending on June 21st. You know that June 21st is the first day of summer???

That way you can hop out on the beach and feel good about doing so. Not just externally but internally as well. I am committed to helping you make big changes in 3 weeks from the INSIDE -> OUT.

I will be keeping this group smaller so that we can be laser focused, so I am only reserving 8 spots! To snag a spot please click the picture above and fill out the application or comment below by May 25th with your contact information.

I can't wait!!! Let's do it together! It's only 3 weeks and then we arrive at summer.


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