My Flowers Are Dead

12:40 PM

So if you have been following for awhile you know that we have been renovating our 1930's bungalow. When we first got in, we went full force trying to complete every project that came our way. We seriously love DIY house stuff! But as life got busier and time got away from us, the projects just have piled up. GAH!

We realized that it would be a slow process and that we would have to take our time instead of killing ourselves to complete every project. The tiny moments that we would have free, we have spent with one another rather than killing ourselves over our house. Luckily, the big things are done but there is much left to be done! Including but not limited to...

-Backsplash in kitchen
-Back yard overhaul
-Fix Fence that is falling down
-Finish painting the outside
-Painting porches

My flowers might be dead but hey I will trade dead flowers any day for spending more time with my family. Sometimes what we think are priorities, simply aren't. We will keep you posted on our home progress and new DYI projects.

P.S. Watering flowers as we speak, as you can see in the picture ;)

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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