21 Day Fix {& EXTREME} $10 THIS Month???

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Am I reading that right? 
Yep, you are! With the purchase of Shakeology, 21 Day Fix {& EXTREME} is only 10 BUCKS! 
I know you all have heard this MANY times from me because when I believe in something I share it unapologetically BUT this program seriously changed the way I will FUEL my body with food. 
Not only has changed my life but the lives of SO many others. One of my challengers just last month lost 11 pounds in just 3 weeks! So proud of her! That is just ONE story of many others who have totally changed their lives through this program and I have been honored to walk through this journey with them. 
SO in honor of this wonderful sale and by many message requests I have received, I will be doing another PICK YOUR FIX-CHALLENGE GROUP! 
Okay cool! So what does that mean....
#1 I will help you pick either the 21 Fay Fix or the 21 Day Fix EXTREME depending on what your goals are and what results you are trying to achieve.
#2 I will help you pick a Shakeology flavor of your choice (CHOCOLATE is my fave).
#3 Lastly, you will receive SUPPORT, the magical ingredient. I will add you into an online secret Facebook group that will help you stay on track with daily: tips, encouragements and challenges. I will also be your one on one support system as you walk through your program. 
I almost always recommend either one of these programs to get you started on your health and fitness journey because the meal plan and portion control system is so simple and sets you up for success LONG term. The work outs for both programs are only 30 minutes long and done out of your home. Lastly, it's JUST 3 weeks---YOU can do anything for 3 weeks and if you commit and stick with it, you will NOT be disappointed with your QUICK results. 
I will be holding 8 spots for this group! To PICK YOUR FIX and to start your journey please comment below and/or email me at shayphillips.bb@gmail.com.  

Can't wait to get started TOGETHER! 💜💜💜

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