Does the 3 Day Refresh Really Work?

10:01 AM

YOU be the judge! The 3 Day Refresh is legit! I was SO encouraged by my results this time around!

So I will tell you that I rarely ever weigh myself. Weight isn't that important to me. I gauge my progress based on inches, pictures, strength and MOSTLY how I feel. 

So I will tell that after about 6 weeks of being in and out of vacations/traveling following the 20/80 rule and NOT the 80/20 rule that it caught up to me big time. I was working out BUT my nutrition was less than stellar. I knew that I wanted to be all in for our next challenge group and that I needed a quick kick in the pants to get me going.

ENTERS: The 3 Day Refresh, it's a plant based cleanse where you EAT to rid your body of junk and to help you get back on track OR to JUMP START your health and fitness journey.

The biggest issue I was having is that I felt like the JUNK I was eating! I hadn't weighed myself in a while and I knew it wasn't going to pretty. You see, I spent a over 3 years now not only losing 30 pounds and getting healthy but keeping it off and continue on in my healthy lifestyle and I hadn't seen that number in quite awhile. YIKES.

Here is the deal, while it's great to watch that number drop back down to my healthy weight the BETTER thing is that I already felt like myself again after a day and half. I felt/feel MORE alert, less bloated, happy (seriously) and encouraged to take my fitness goals to the next level. 

So I am going to walk you through my day from left to right. Following? Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

-Water: Lots of it!
-Chocolate Shakeology: with 1 serving of Raspberries blended
-Optional: Morning Herbal Tea
-Fiber Sweep: Lets say it’s my least fave part of this whole deal
-Vanilla Fresh
-1 serving cucumbers, 1 serving apples, 1 serving of almond butter (healthy fat)
-1 Serving sweet peppers
-1 Serving almond butter (healthy fat)
-Optional: Afternoon Herbal Tea
-Veggie Stir Fry
-Vanilla Fresh
-Optional: Evening Herbal Tea

Anyways, I am back to my healthy weight and ready to kick butt for summer! This ONLY works if I continue to be CONSISTENT in my health and fitness from here on out. Think of the 3 day refresh as my upper hand! It is not a quick fix, simply a kickstart to a healthier and most certainly happier lifestyle. 😎

Summer is THIS month Are you ready? I know I will be with the support and accountability of other women in our group and well now all of the INTERNET! 

Feel free to share, ask any questions and email me for more details. 3 Day Refresh is super friendly for beginners!

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