These Little Guys Changed the Way I Eat Forever

11:08 AM

You have no idea how these little guys changed the game for me! 💚💜

I was a "healthy eating person" BUT I wasn't eating enough throughout the day and fueling my body with the proper portions of greens, protein, fruit, etc...and I was eating TOO much of one "healthy" item and not enough of others. 

The 21 Day Fix seriously laid it all out for me SO simply and I saw results like I have NEVER seen before. It was a color coded system that helped me understand portions and food like I never have before.

Eating MORE and seeing better results? YES PLEASE! 🙌🏻

OR, maybe your the person that has no idea where to start with this whole clean eating thing that you hear everyone talking about, seeing results from and you just need a simple and easy solution.

I am CONVINCED that these color coded portion control containers/meal plan can get you started on your journey or maybe just help you understand nutrition much better. The reason I know is because I follow this meal plan everyday and see my accountability group challengers see INSANE results every single month.

I JUST got a message from a current challenger who lost 7 pounds in week ONE with the 30 minute work outs, nutrient dense shakes and these little color coded guys! AMAZING!

I decided to bump up this months fitness accountability group to start earlier since I have so many people excited about starting their journeys. I have 3 SPOTS left in the PICK YOUR FIX Challenge Group. See details about that HERE!

If you would like to be a part of this group with ladies who will uplift and support you daily and with a program that has seriously not only changed my life but so many of my friends and family, please comment below "I AM READY" or if you feel more comfortable please email me!

Final Day to RSVP: JUNE 23rd!--->3 SPOTS left!

Can't wait to chat about your goals smile emoticon

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