Beachbody Coaching Gave me 2,400% RAISE, In ONE year!

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You never think much about pay raises until you graduate college and get settled into the real world and are living paycheck to paycheck, banking on some kind of pay raise to come along. Welp, for me that didn't happen and to be honest at my 9-5-I am not sure if it would have ever happened and that could be pretty discouraging!

I was reading some statistics that the national average for pay raises for the year 2015 is expected to be AVERAGE 3% (3 was even projected high). Three Percent? That's it? The article spoke about how your average employee was barely able to keep ahead of inflation. Whoa that is pretty astonishing!

So to the point---->when I started this little health and fitness coaching gig, I knew that I wanted to go ALL in and change others peoples lives BUT what I didn't quite realize, is that it would have such an impact on my life.

My very first WEEKLY pay check was a whopping $60. I was PROUD of that!! That meant my income was a direct reflection of someone I was helping and not to mention it helped not overdraft our account for the next week!

Today, about 1 year later I have gotten a 2,400% RAISE. IN ONE YEAR! Seriously!!! 3% in corporate America or 2,400% where I get to help people, help people ALL day long? Hmmm let me think.

When I realized what this opportunity offered in financial freedom, staying home with my future babies and the ability to give back to others, I knew that I had to set HIGHER and HIGHER goals!

One of those HUGE goals is to help other women do the SAME thing I have done through the vehicle of this opportunity. It's about helping other women GROW, CHANGE from the inside out, GO after their DREAMS and to have FREEDOM in all areas of their life. I WANT this opportunity for you like I want it for my FAMILY. FAMILY is what our team of coaches have become!

I have a PASSION to help 5 women see the same growth I have SEEN in this last year! It's not about income, it's about future freedom and personal growth and it's about HELPING other women see their FULL potential. I want to HELP you do that and pass down ALL of my resources, so that you can quickly and easily duplicate the SAME success.

If this is something you want for YOU and YOUR family, through the vehicle of this opportunity and want to be one of my FIVE...



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