BRAND NEW PROGRAM-CIZE: The End of Exercise.

8:19 AM

Oh Man I have to tell you a story...
A little bit of a back story. 
So there was a new program being released this week at Summit called CIZE. 
The premise is CIZE: The End of Exercise. It's a dancing program that is upbeat and fun and maybe you remember seeing my preview a few weeks ago. 
Welllllllll lets just say I was in NO WAY shape or form going to do this program. I was talking with a few coaches at Summit about how they were going to do it and I said "There is no way I am doing it, I am not a dancer." 
Then I was reflecting and asking my team to get out of their comfort zone, try things new and set some goals....
Totally felt like a hypocrite in that moment. Right then there I decided I was going to give this CIZE thing a try. I picked it up at Summit. 
Who knows...
I could ACTUALLY have FUN working out.
I could ACTUALLY see results.
I could ACTUALLY enjoy the process of getting out of my comfort zone.
It could ACTUALLY make me more comfortable in my skin.
It could ACTUALLY make me a better dancer or a dancer at all (maybe) haha. 
CIZE was just released today and I will be starting on Monday the 27th! It follows the 21 Day Fix meal plan that I love so much. 
So here I am, being vulnerable and well maybe, just maybe this white girl will learn how to dance. 💃🏻

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