My Personal Review Of: Stitch Fix

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Sooo I tried out Stitch Fix and let me tell you I fell in LOVE. FIRST let me tell you about the What. How.


Stich Fix is your personal online stylists! They send 5 personalized items to your door step each month.


Go to or use my referral link ;) :
and you start your style profile. It is VERY detailed about what you are looking for, what styles you like, sizing, add personal note to your stylist and you even attach your social media profiles and Pinterest inspiration board (Check mine out HERE) . You then wait for about 5 business days for your package to arrive to your door step. 


My stylist NAILED IT!
Orange/Coral top was a little big but everything else fit perfectly! 
LOVE the style cards they send :) 
One of my favorite parts was the personalized note! I mean, I love those little touches.


The stylist fee is $20 BUT if you keep anything in your box then that fee goes towards your items. So free styling depending on how you look at it ;) You can choose how much you are willing to spend in your stylist profile on each item but just to show you what this box cost me, I posted my receipt below!

So you can see that there is a discount for keeping all 5 items, so returning that shirt because it was slightly too big wasn't really worth it. I did also have some $25 referrals on my account that you can't see applied here, so refer your friends and save MONEY! Based on my friends boxes it seems to be that boxes are in the $180-$200 range, depending on what you chose to spend in your styling profile BUT I am cheap haha!

You can choose to skip a shipment, cancel or move up or post pone your shipment at any time.


After your box arrives you go online and review each individual item which is so so cool! Plus you can write another personalized note to your stylist. My note read:

"Lindsey!!! I LOVED everything in my box. You did SUCH a great job :) I wanted to ask a request for my next box, I will be heading out on August 11th for a week at Myrtle Beach with the girls I work with. Super casual and beachy and fun. Would love some items appropriate for the trip!"

Of course if you didn't like your stylist, you can request a new one and you can return your item/items in the package they provide. 


-Make a GREAT Pinterest board that has everything you love. Check mine HERE!
-Link your social media profile.
-Be VERY specific in your style profile of what you like and don't like.
-Refer your friends and have them refer YOU!


To me-YES! Why? Because the items I received are things that I loved but also were a more refined version of myself that I might not have picked out on my own.  I also HATE shopping and trying on clothes BUT I love getting new items straight to my door. The items are quality and the service is so personalized and convenient.

Will I do it every month? Most likely. What I love is that I can request items that have to do with my lifestyle or events coming up in my life. I also have a stylist, how cool is that!?!?!

So what do you think? Will you try it!?

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