Our 1920's Bungalow: Kitchen Renovation

1:38 PM

We love our old 1920's home but needless to say it needed work! The kitchen had been "updated' BUT not in this century or to the character/age of the home so this is just a little picture timeline of our kitchen reno transformation. Hope you enjoy! 

To see FINAL pictures, scroll to the end. Totally worth all the blood sweat and tears. ;) 

DARK and Drab! 

Make shift kitchen for a few months was tough! but we will never forget it ;) 

We also looked like rednecks with our old appliances on our front porch. Good times! 

Ahhhh WHITE! 

The beloved sink :) 

And drum roll please....

Hope you enjoyed! Drop a comment or any questions below. Much love!

 photo Untitled_zpsc6f5d64b.png

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