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Labor Day. Football BBQ's. Never Really Got Back On Track After Summer Vacation.
I get it, been there. Sometimes I need a good hard reset to kickstart me back to good habits. Just because I am a health and fitness coach does not mean that I don't struggle. Heck, I would survive the rest of my life on chocolate and bread BUT I know that's not what FUELS my body.
3rd time doing the refresh and thankful for dropping 10 inches all over, bloat gone and down 3 pounds too but that's not what I am most excited about.
 I am MOST excited about really getting to know my body over the last few months. I KNOW that I NEED TO:
1. Lift and increase to heavier weights to see and maintain my results with minimal cardio (thank goodness, I hate cardio!)
2. I need to pick ONE program to work with and STICK to it! Until Costa Rica (21 Days) I am committing myself to 21 Day Fix Extreme. Basically my soul mate workout.
3. I need to stick to the 21 Day Fix/Extreme meal plan to see OPTIMAL results.
4. My nutrition has to be ON POINT to definition in my tummy because that is my struggle spot. Shaun T says everyone's abs are different. I believe it!
I share these crazy, just woke up - no make up pictures with you to show you that it's a journey. It takes TIME to get to know your body. It takes TIME to see results. It takes TIME to know what works exactly for you.
BUT you must START first, to reap ANY of those rewards. If you aren't sure where to start, how to meal prep, what to eat or what to do with fitness. REACH OUT TO ME! At ANY time! It's what I do, I help people who want a redo (like myself) or who don't know where to start (everyone was once a beginner).
Start fall FRESH! Spring/Summer healthy bodies {inside & out} are made in the Fall/Winter!
It's a journey. 🌍 We are in this together. πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


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