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This is Pam​. We randomly were connected through Beachbody's lead program. When we connected in April for the first time she said her goal was to lose 50 pounds by her 50th birthday!

So she just went all in committing to 21 Day Fix and later the 21 Day Fix Extreme. We would email everyday and stay connected so that she would be on track to reach her goal by her birthday in August.

Lot's of consistent and hard work BUT she reached her goal!!!! I received this picture on the right with this subject line in the email: "I DID IT!!!  VICTORY IS MINE.....OURS!!!".

She has truly become a great friend of mine. When I asked her if I could share her story to inspire others she said...

"I always would watch those commercials or ads with the before and after pics of people and wonder if that could be me one day sharing my picture. How would I feel after losing the weight? Could I do it? I've done it before, why not do it again....always scared it would turn out the same way - gain it all back plus some.  So why even try.  But for real the difference has been one little thing called "coach".......it's kept me going forward, accountable, encouraged.....and all those other things that you do.  I think I've said before, if not I'm saying it now, sorry, but I don't always think of you as my coach anymore....it's blossomed into "friend".  crazy....I never thought when I 1st ordered that I would be getting that as part of the deal."

So proud of you Pam. YOU inspire and make me laugh every day! You prove that you can change your life at ANY time and at ANY age. ❤️

#TransformationTuesday #WhatIsStoppingYou

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