9:40 AM

This might be one of my favorite Transformation Tuesdays, EVER. 😁
These two are some of my VERY best friends, honestly more like sisters than friends. We have been friends for 10 YEARS. We are getting old haha. 😋
We not only went to high school together but also went off to college together. We stood by each others side through break ups in high school, experiencing life on our own together, roommates, more heartbreak and joyous life milestones.
WE have GROWN & CHANGED so so much.
We have experienced TREMENDOUS internal -> external change all together. We made our health a PRIORITY and lost close to 100 pounds 😳between us and GOT HEALTHY (most importantly) together.
We have grown up with one another and have become women by each others sides. NOW, Allie Ann and I get to stand by Sara O'Connell on her wedding day and Sara and I get to cheer Allie on to pursue her lifelong career path dream.
Thanks for being my sisters and sticking through thick and thin (literally 😜) with me. I love you both so much and can't wait to make more LIFELONG memories with you two by my side.

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