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…..is the #1 thing I hear from people who “want" to do what I do and who “want" to get healthy.

You know what? I know how you feel, I felt the same way. I initially jumped into coaching for the 25% discount on shakeology and well because I needed a health/fitness plan because mine was non-existent.

You know what I found?? I DID have time! I just didn’t prioritize or make time. For my work out OR my long term goals for my family.

So how did I get in shape and grow a business while I was TOO BUSY???

✖️I woke up 30 minutes earlier to do my work out in my living room before work. 
✖️I blended my shake, ran out the door-instead of skipping breakfast or stopping at Starbucks. 
✖️I SHARED my health and fitness journey with others, helped people with their questions, checked in with my online fitness challengers and shared why I loved the community of coaching with my friends during my 1 hour lunch break at work. Let’s be honest, I was already browsing on Facebook. 
✖️On my commute home, I chatted with my coaches who wanted to help others or were just getting started, 
✖️I shared my journey publicly to hold myself accountable. I mean I was already stalking others on FB haha, might as well post. #IWasACreeper

So BASICALLY not much time wise changed! I just prioritized it differently. Until one day I blinked AND 9 months after becoming a coach, I was able to quit my FULL TIME 9-5 corporate job.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Little by little. Simple activities daily. Compounds over time. πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

I was really nervous to post this publicly. Because I want you to know my heart is NOT to talk about what I have done and how cool I am. I also didn’t want you to get the impression it’s about making money. It’s about helping others. I wanted to share with you the possibility of doing something you love, while helping others. I am NO different than you. I just decided to not give up, even when it wasn’t easy.

Soooo here is one year difference in my income. I became a Beachbody coach in April 2014. So a few months later in AUGUST 2014, I was SUPER thankful to be where I was at. Best shape of my life. I LOVED helping people. I would do this for FREE.

 NOW...August 2015: Not MUCH has changed, except that I get to help people FULL TIME. What a job, right? I also have #FREEDOM to give more, be present more and to get up and go. I DO NOT show you this to be cocky but to show you what is possible with this little part time discount that has turned into a six figure income.

 I am NOT stopping here.This is just the beginning of our journey to helping MANY other women achieve freedom for their family. I am not special! Just a normal, everyday girl that wants to help other women and their families. I am so PASSIONATE about that. #FireInMyGut

 How? I am hosting a BRAND NEW coach mentorship training, I am going to openly share what has taken me and many others into success! I will be giving you ALL of my resources for FREE! I am here to invest my time into you so that you can build a life that you love. What I require in return is for you to meet me halfway.

 I will be accepting applications till Sunday September 6th and will be selecting 5 individuals by Monday, September 7th!




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