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REAL TALK: Are you serious? 

Can I get a little sassy with you for a minute and by sassy I mean passionate. 😁 

How do you feel that you did in 2015 with meeting your health and fitness goals?Lose the weight? Tone Up? Eat healthy 80% of the time? Did you grow internally?

You know we still have 9 weeks LEFT of 2015!

• Lose 18 pounds (2 pounds per week)
• Build some killer muscles
• Complete 3 rounds of the 21 Day Fix or Extreme
• Start a journey that could change your life
• Kill some bad habits
• Grow from the inside out

Chances are if you haven’t met your goals than you WEREN’T serious about them in the first place. OUCH. Yes I said it. 😜

You have excuses like “It’s too expensive” or “I don’t have time”. Right? I know! Because that use to be me BUT I was wasting money on a daily $4.50 Starbucks latte, gym membership and NOT prioritizing my time. I wasn’t serious about my goals.

I don’t know about all that you have going on or what is holding you back. All I know is if you're serious about your health, making a change, finally seeing progress and growing from the inside out; I would find a way to INVEST in you! Do not let money or time be your excuse.

If YOU are serious about doing this and finishing off 2015 and starting off 2016 strong, let’s find a way to make it happen. That might mean saving for a month, budgeting, sacrificing some things, asking for certain Christmas presents, finding time in your schedule, finding a program on sale that works for you, etc... We can chat privately about what that looks like specifically for you.

My next online health and fitness accountability group starts November 16th, so we have plenty of time to figure out what will work best for you, what kind of accountability you need and how WE can make this work for YOU.

To CONNECT fill out this form:
It will give us some talking points to start the conversation. I look forward to helping you and growing right alongside you!!

Time to get SERIOUS.

Thank you for letting me be real with you. Even If I am not helping you on any type of journey yet, I want to help you anyway I can and that starts by being a coach and not a cheerleader. I am passionate about peeps meeting their goals and I want to help YOU bridge that gap.

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