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Soooo I was sick of not being comfortable when I was sleeping so I decided to run to the store and purchase this guy off my registry. 

It's the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body pregnancy pillow. I AM LOVING IT!

#1 Because it's custom! I can Velcro it together and tear it a part based on my needs.

Currently, I am just using the longer piece most nights. Some nights I use the round large piece to support my back. By the end I will probably use all of the pieces to support my body.

#2 Its not HUGE! Its compact enough to fit in a queen size bed with two people. Some pregnancy pillows take up way too much space.

#3 I can still use my normal pillow which I love. So many of the pregnancy pillows have your head supported by the pillow itself and they just aren't as great as my lavender scented memory foam pillow.#pillowsnob

#4 It has a cute neutral design that can be removed and washed.

#5 Bryan (my husband) thinks it looks like a seahorse…if only men really did carry the babies like seahorses do.

Which pregnancy pillow do you love and WHY???

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