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My Favorite Essential Oils for Pregnancy!!
So far at least. These bad boys help SO much!!!
I will share why and what they help left to right!
On Guard: I have been sick with colds in my first and second trimester and ughhhh it was the worst! Let me tell you that this guy cut my sickness in half! Plus I diffuse it all the time, not only because it smells good but because I am convinced it protects us from other germs.
Cedarwood: I can't sleep without it. Seriously! I diffuse it ever night! It also helps keep me asleep and so far has helped with my crazy hormonal dreams that were keeping me up at night!
Peppermint: Pregnancy headaches are a thing and this stuff helps them IMMEDIATELY! No joke. Also during the first trimester I clung to this stuff. It helped a lot with my nausea and just waking me up from those first trimester blues.
Purify: When you are pregnant you have SUPER sense of smell. It's super weird! You also smell the GROSSEST stuff, like your trash can outside. For real, diffusing this stuff mutes all those smells!
Lemon: It smells and tastes good in your water! Simple as that. I crave lemon right now.
Lavender: Need to relax? Diffuse some lavender! I will put it on during yoga or a workout and it really helps loosen me up and it smells good.
Deep Blue: It's like a natural icy hot! Everything aches these days and it makes a HUGE difference on my sore aches and muscles.
What are your favorite essential oils, during or outside of pregnancy?

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