Is Shakeology Safe During Pregnancy??

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It is time to address the elephant..."Is Shakeology safe while pregnant?!?!" 😱

Will I drink Shakeology when I am Breast Feeding? Yes🏻
Will I give Shakeology to my children when the time comes? Yes🏻

WHY?: Thoughts to Ponder:
Is it okay for a pregnant women (or anyone) to consume pizza, ice cream, fast food, cereal, junk food or insert processed (FAKE) food HERE?!?

But it's not safe to drink an ALL natural, non-GMO, organic, whole food (no powders or extracts), superfood shake packed with 70+ vitamins and minerals that helps support energy levels, aids in digestion/regularity (HUGE for pregnant women) and helps fight junk food cravings.

Oh WAIT AND it can be substituted for a meal OH AND my prenatal vitamin?!?

The way we think about food in America is a little scary! We consume mass amounts of fake, sugar and sodium filled food and think that's safe when something WHOLE and natural (and tasty) is not.
DISCLAIMER: Always chat with your OBGYN about this first but also take the time to do your own research. Most are trying be extra careful with the information they just don't know about or understand because they are liable for you!

My doctor is PRO-Shakeoloy and just requested that I add additional folic acid. She saw the benefit of shakeology and took the time to actually look at the ingredient list. #lovemydoctors 😍

I say this ALL in love! I am striving to be healthy not just outside of pregnancy but during it too. I am responsible for that little life floating around in there and I am his LIFE SOURCE for all things. Always willing to answer questions on this topic and share a little more of my perspective with because you know I keep it real. 😘


P.P.S. Going to shave my armpits now. 🙈

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