3 Day Refresh With Breastfeeding Modifications

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I had done the 3 Day Refresh 3 times before I was pregnant! The first time was HARD, the second time was a little easier and the 3rd time was even easier. You can read more about those times HERE

This time I was a little afraid to try it because I was nursing and I didn't want to mess up my supply #firsttimemom but I desperately needed something to help me get off a plateau I couldn't break!

What is the 3 Day Refresh again? 

This is NOT a juice/liquid cleanse. It is a healthy plant based cleanse FILLED with fiber, protein, fruits and veggies. So it isn't hard on your body and you are not starving yourself - rather ridding your body of toxins. 

Who Is It for? 

1. The person that wants to start their fitness journey with a little JUMP start!
2. The person that needs a clean break from BAD eating habits.
3. The person that needs to break OFF from a plateau.
4. The person who wants to feel refreshed, cleanse their system and drop a little fluff to fit back into those fav jeans. 
 The program is only about 900 calories for a day which is pretty low for nursing moms BUT I was apply to make some modifications to make it work for me and my supply. :)

This modification worked great for me and kept my supply up. I had no issues at all!! Below you can see the side by side comparison of how my plan looked different than the typical plan. 

Basically, I had a few extra fruit and veggie serving while still staying in the confines of the plant based meal plan. I did add a fenugreek supplement and made sure the herbal tea I dark was mothers milk tea. You can find both of those on amazon or in your local grocery store. I also only did 1/2 of the fiber sweep and made sure to include the organic veggie broth into my plan.

Make sure you are drinking tons of water always and during these 3 days (especially while nursing)!! It is not recommended to do intense workouts during the 3 days since the calories are so low. I did some yoga those days.

In the end my results were still GREAT! I FINALLY broke through a plateau number that I couldn't get past postpartum and on my way to a healthier digestive system and this cleanse actually turned me dairy FREE for now at least. I have seen a huge improvement in my results and body function since cutting out the minimal consumption of it before the cleanse. It was the good clean break I needed.

I also lost 5.5 pounds and 4 inches!

Have any questions about the 3 Day Refresh, your postpartum journey or health and fitness in general? Comment below or shoot me an email. I would be happy to help you! Check out my Join My Fit[ish] Girl Challenge tab for more about what I do. 

and because he is cute....we both weren't hangry during this. ;)

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