My favorite workout pants fit again....

10:15 AM

My favorite workout pants fit again. 🙌🏻

If you have been following my journey for a long time then you know my story. If you have been following my story on Facebook - then you know the nitty gritty. 

My post-partum journey has been a struggle and a maze to work through getting back to my pre-pregnancy body. 

Still not there yet.

Most of it comes down to hormones and nursing a babe.

That breastfeeding melting fat off myth ain't true for actually a lot women. Especially me.

It makes you sad when your STRETCHY pants don't even fit for awhile. 🙈

I am convinced that this journey for me is happening so I can help other women like me.

Last month, I cut out dairy (so hard because I lovvvvve cheese) from my diet and I have seen a huge improvement in my gut and winsssss like this.

It's a puzzle but girl who is on a health journey like me, I am working on figuring out the pieces to this puzzle before you even get here.

It may not be complete till I'm done nursing. That's just the plain truth but I am healthy right now no matter WHAT size my pants say.


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