The Most Vulnerable Picture I Have Ever Taken

11:09 AM

"...and she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself." - Shel Silverstein 

The ugliest picture I have ever taken during the most vulnerable and beautiful moment of my whole life. 

Sooo many of my friends are about to have a baby, just had their first or are in the season of pregnancy. Because of this I have been reminiscing a lot about the day that I met my little man. My heart exploded and I never have felt such immense and intense love so quickly.

Praying so much for all of you in this season of new momhood. It's the greatest and sometimes toughest joy.

Also, praying for those struggling through infertility and loss. I don't know what that is like but praying. God is faithful.

It is amazing to watch that baby growing and finally arrive after all that hard work that you or someone else did to bring your child into this world. Here is my belly progression video, incredible to watch my sweet Burke in the making. 

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