Shakeology FAT Bombs - VEGAN

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These are so so simple to make and can cure that sweet tooth after dinner that surely haunts me. Anyone else?! These also fall into the category of FAT BOMBS for my Keto or Low Carb High Fat peeps. 

They come in at about 23 grams of HEALTHY fat and at about 183 calories a piece. 

This can vary based on the mold that you choose to let your chocolate or bombs set. The mold that I chose came out to 24 pieces so it could look different based on how you do it. You can figure that out on your own or comment below and I can help you factor what it is for you. 

There are only 4 ingredients that you will need to make this. Shakeology, any flavor will do but if you would like them to be vegan - I would go with vegan vanilla or chocolate Shakeology. Otherwise you can do regular Shakeology! I haven't tested out the vanilla yet but I think it could be pretty yummy too! 

If you don't have Shakeology, you could probably use another protien type powder. However, I haven't tested it with anything else and I LOVE the added benefits that my Shakeology offers. If you want more details about Shakeology you can check it out HERE. If you want to know why I choose Shakeology over other shakes, you can check that out HERE

Okay! Other ingredients include almond butter - Trader Joes and Costco brand (Kirkland) seem to be the BEST value and cleanest that I have found. Coconut oil and finally some type of organic sweetener. I chose raw honey but you could also do 100% maple syrup. 

Something else you will need is some kind of mold for the liquid to set in. I chose a mini muffin pan I had. You could use anything though but I wouldn't get bigger than this! Candy molds would be a great option. That is why the fat and calorie content could change but if they are smaller molds, you could eat MORE! Well kinda haha. ;) 

Before you start you will want to clear a space in your freezer for your bombs/chocolates to set. I didn't do this and was fumbling around with tray! 

You will just add all of the ingredients together in a sauce pan until melted together, pour into mold and let it set up in the freezer. Mine were ready in about 30 minutes. When ready just pop them out and store in a freezer bag in the freezer. They probably won't last you longer than a few weeks! At least they didn't in this house haha. 

Check out the recipe card below for more in depth details! 

I hope you enjoy them!!!! Good luck sharing them with your family, my little guy lovesssss them and is always trying to steal them from me haha. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Much love! 

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